Free Resources

Please feel free to download and use these resources to help teach your child.  These are designed for you to use with your child.

Amounts of Fractions

Many children find fractions difficult.  This powerpoint is designed to teach and revise how to add fractions together with the same denominator. This is a Year 3 resource but may be of benefit to pupils in different year groups if they are struggling with this key concept. 

Spelling Rhymes

The curriculum states that pupils in Year 5 & 6 should be able to spell a set list of 100 words. Some of these words are then tested in the Year 6 spelling SATs paper. Pupils are also expected to use these words in their writing. 

This resource is designed to help pupils remember how to spell these words. In this preview, I have listed the first 20 words with a spelling rhyme for each word.